Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 1
Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 2
Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 3
Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 1
Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 2
Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 3

Full automatic snap capper machine (new)

XTIME manufactures an efficient full-automatic sealing machine according to the current industry requirements. The whole machine has excellent material selection, simple mechanism, reliable performance, convenient and accurate operation and adjustment, and strong adaptability. It can provide you with a variety of options to select the appropriate gland equipment for your product according to the requirements of your industry.
Sealing speed:
50-60 cans/min (subject to specific tank type and material)
Applicable height:
Applicable caliber:
Working voltage:
220V/380V ,50/60Hz
Gas source:
2000mm(L) * 900mm(W)*1350mm(H) (including 2m conveyor belt)
Operating temperature:
Working humidity:
design customization
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    Tinplate cans、Aluminum cans、Paper cans、Iron cans、Plastic cans ect

    Applicable Industries

    Food, Pharmaceutical, Daily chemical, Agricultural chemicals, Cosmetics and Other industries




    Customized logo(Min. order 3 sets)
    Customized packaging(Min. order 3 sets)
    Graphic customization(Min. order 3 sets)

    Price terms

    FOB Guangzhou

    Payment terms

    We can accept payment through T/T, FOB, CIF, L/C


    1 year warranty

    Aftersale service

    Free Online Training Services

    Lead time

    45 days after received deposit and can sample

    Packaging Details

    Outside package:standard export wooden case;Inner package:stretch film




    ● The overall appearance material is mainly made of stainless steel 304, with a thickness of 1.2mm and a highly stable mechanical structure. The whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, which are stable and not rusty;

    ● Organic glass is made of imported acrylic, with a thickness of 10mm and high-end atmosphere;

    ● Adopt PLC intelligent program design and touch screen control, easy to use and set;




    ● It has the function of alarm for missing cover, which ensures the equipment to work efficiently and uninterruptedly;

    ● The design of rotary lower cover can effectively improve the sealing efficiency;

    ● According to the actual situation of the cover, another lifting machine or vibrating plate machine can be configured;

    ● The replacement of different calibers does not require the replacement of accessories, but only requires more adjustment of the storage cover groove, lower cover groove, protective fence, screw rod to adjust the height of the buckle head, the width of the strap, and the width of the gland wheel. The adjustment time is about 20 minutes;

    ● The machine needs to be connected to the air compressor for use. In order to make the equipment work continuously and quickly, it is recommended to connect an air compressor with a power of 5KW, which should be prepared by the customer;





    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 4
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 5


    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 6
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 7


    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 8
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 9


    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 10
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 11




    ● It is suitable for sealing all kinds of tinplate cans, iron cans, plastic cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and other round-sized cans;

    ● This machine can be used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide cosmetics and other industries.


    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 12
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 13
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 14
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 15


    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 16
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 17
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 18
    Full automatic snap capper machine (new) 19




    ● The electrical components of the equipment are all international first-line high-end brand components, with reliable, stable and guaranteed performance, providing high-quality services for new and old customers;

    ● It adopts PLC microcomputer control and interactive design of touch screen man-machine interface operation panel, flexible and convenient parameter operation, and high degree of automation;

    ● This product is mainly applicable to the dust-proof rubber cap sealing of various round PET plastic, iron, aluminum and paper bottles. With advanced design, reasonable structure and simple operation, it is a necessary and ideal packaging equipment for food, medicine, tea and chemical industries.

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