Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 1
Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 2
Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 3
Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 1
Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 2
Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 3

Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine

Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine is suitable for vacuum packaging and sealing of glass bottle caps.
Number of capping heads:
Screw cap thickness:
Capping height:
Capping diameter:
Speed of rotating the cap:
Working voltage:
220V/380V ,50/60Hz
Electricity power:
Capping machine 1.95 m * 1.35 m * 1.94 m * height, capping elevator 2.50 m × 0.85m × 1.60m
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    Glass bottles

    Applicable Industries

    It can be used in condiments, pickles, aquatic products, canned fruits, mushroom, health drinks, etc; Such as chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, beef paste, seafood paste, spicy sauce, sesame paste, jam, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base and other glass bottled fresh food




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    Price terms

    FOB Guangzhou

    Payment terms

    We can accept payment through T/T, FOB, CIF, L/C


    1 year warranty

    Aftersale service

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    Lead time

    45 days after received deposit and can sample

    Packaging Details

    Outside package:standard export wooden case;Inner package:stretch film




    ● The design of operation panel is reasonable and simple, which easy adjustment and maintenance.

    ● The machine is controlled by the PLC system and touch screen.

    ● It has high production capacity and degree of automation which may save labor cost.;

    ● The cooperation between servo motor and pneumatic to control the screw metering, support cans, move cans, realize high-precision measurement and positioning;

    ● PLC and touch-screen control cooperate with simple operation and high-degree intelligence;

    ● The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel;If same diameter but different height of bottle, don't need to change any accessories, can use the rocker to adjust.



    ● The screw is driven by the servo motor and the parts which materials may contact are made of stainless steels.

    ● The stock bin can be opened flatly and is easy to disassemble for clearing without any tools.

    ● The machine is suitable for sealing package of rotary covers of glass bottles.

    ● All 304 stainless steel material adopts the electrical accessories with the international  Well-known brand.

    ● The design is reasonable and precise,and it can be designed into single-head ,double-head or multi-head screw cap according to the speed requirement,which can meet the needs of different enterprises.It adopts the combination of the upper cover and rotary cover,with stable and reliable performance,which realizes the automatic production.  

    ● The ultimate goal of the vacuum capping machine is to discharge the impurity air in the bottle, so that the product in the bottle can extend the shelf life.




    Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 4
    Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 5


    Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 6
    Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 7




    Suitable for vacuum cap sealing packaging of glass bottles;

    This machine can be used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide cosmetics and other industries.

    Full automatic single head vacuum capping machine 8


    ● The equipment adopts the downward pressure vacuum screw cap instead of the traditional top screw cap to overcome the traditional broken bottle and damage to the bottle cap;

    ● The glass bottle vacuum capping machine uses the current mature electrical control technology and high-performance pneumatic components to achieve programming control, so as to realize the rotary drive of the straight cylinder fully sealed vacuum chamber. Therefore, the vacuum pumping efficiency is very high and the energy consumption is very low;

    ● Stable operation, convenient operation and compact structure. The rotating speed and sealing performance of the screw cap can be adjusted according to the actual situation;

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